Booksleeves and Linen Box
11" x 5.5" x 3/8". Handmade paper
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Helga, Jennifer, Willa, Julee and Rachel were each inspired by the drawing series
WHERE I LIVE: Exploring Identity Through Bodies and Clothes
and reference childhood reveries with paper dolls and sewing cards.

Each book is fabricated using handmade paper, sewing machine stitching,
letterpress and inkjet printing, paper cutouts in an edition of 35 signed by the artist.

Each incorporates reproductions of an original drawing of a favorite outfit worn by the subject as an expression of personal identity, as well as an original drawing of the subject's silhouette.

The subjects' signatures provide the title.

Their personal writings have been transcribed and typeset as compositional elements.

The color palettes are based upon specific blush powders, pressed powders and eye shadows matched to each woman and her particular outfit. MAC Cosmetics was chosen for its established reputation serving women of all colors.

Dieu Donne Papermill produced the 100% cotton handmade papers.
Pyramid Atlantic Center for Book Arts, Val Lucas produced the letterpress nameplates.
Capella Book Arts at Pyramid Atlantic produced the sleeves and box.